John Patitucci - Heart of the Bass

Stretch Records © 1992

Featuring: John Patitucci, bass; Chick Corea, keyboards; John Beasley, keyboards; Alex Acuña, percussion; Arnold Belnick, Jacqueline Brand, Clayton Haslop, Ralph Morrison III, Sheldon Sanov, violins; David Campbell, Brian Dembow, Roland Kato, violas; Paula Hochhalter, Dennis Karmazyn, David H. Speltz, cellos; Edward Meares, bass; Sheridon Stokes, flute; Earl Dumler, oboe; Gary Foster, clarinet; Ron Jannelli, bassoon; David Duke, Brad Warnaar, French horns

Being a bass player and listening to primarily fusion/jazz, I knew John Patitucci's album "Heart of the Bass" would be different. His blend of classical music and the electric bass is tastefully done, providing a very entertaining listen that clearly demonstrates Patitucci's amazing talent. Patitucci also showcases his immense upright-bass skill throughout many songs. Different, but very good.

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