John Patitucci - Another World

GRP Records © 1993

Featuring: John Patitucci, bass; John Beasley, keyboards; Steve Tavaglione, tenor and soprano saxophones, EWI; Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone; Will Kennedy, drums, percussion; Dave Weckl, drums; Alex Acuña, percussion; Luis Conte, percussion; Armand Sabal-Lecco, bass, vocals; Andy Narell, steel drums; Jeff Beal, trumpet

John Patitucci looked to Africa for inspiration when putting down this very exciting CD from 1993. He's joined on board by some of my favourite players (Michael Brecker & Steve Tavaglione on tenor sax, Will Kennedy on drums, Alex Acuna on percussion and African drums) and he even invites Armand Sabal-Lecco to pen a few of the tunes he joins the band on some cool bass, tenor bass and piccolo bass.

This isn't an album of African music per se (it's nothing like, say, Fela Kuti or Youssou D'Dour) and Patitucci himself admits on the album sleeve that the African influence "may not be clear in all of the music on the record" but you take just one listen and there can be no doubt where he got the influence for the album's creation. Every song is a winner but I especially recommend people check out "Peace Prayer". I would never have thought it possible to create such a beautiful tune with just a Yamaha 6-string bass and some percussion. It's only 3mins 15secs long but you hear it once and you'll never forget it.

Patitucci has produced many a fine album over the years and this might not be considered his best by any means but it's definitely my favourite, even after all this time. Excellent stuff!

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